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Faculty and Students

After 50 years’ construction and development, the School of Astronautics has developed a reputation for innovation and inspiration, and attracts leading thinkers and researchers. We have over 124 staff, including 31 professors, 35 associate professors, 28 doctoral supervisors, 6 administrative staff and 10 experimental technicians.. In particularly, 104 teachers hold the doctor degree, accounting for 84% of the total number. There are 3 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (one of them is double-hired academician and one is from Russian Aerospace Academy of Sciences). There are 3 persons in the “National New Century Talents Project”, 6 faculty members in the National 863 Expert Group, 2 in the General Assembly Expert Group, 2 members of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, 1 Distinguished Teacher in Shaanxi Province and 1 Virtue Pacesetter of Shaanxi province.

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